Rain on this Parade

Ok so I'll put my hands up and say "my bad" for this month...I know I've been super slack at posting these last few weeks. With celebrating my birthday, work, family and keeping up with friends this month has been super busy and while it's been amazing I am literally exhausted! I really just want to sleep solidly for like 3 days!!! No joke! Regardless I found 20 mins in my ridiculous schedule to take some pictures of my birthday outfit and I'm hoping you'll feel it was worth the wait because I'm so happy with this shoot! It looks really good if I say so myself! When we decided to shoot it had been raining all morning and I was panicking, thinking this is just not gonna work; especially as I had gotten my hair done and rain plus freshly hairdressed hair makes for an angry Elvira. Then it stopped raining momentarily and we went for it and I actually think it worked really well. The rain on the streets give off a nice sheen for the photos, making the pics look well polished. To be fair though, I have also started to use a better camera, which is probably helping the pictures look better as well. It did start to rain mid way through the shoot and you can probably notice my hair getting frizzier as you scroll through the shots but I think it actually adds a nice element to the photos...more grungey or urban or something like that. Basically just not perfect. With this shoot I definitely think I've started perfecting the classic streetstyle, blogger, style shots. It's starting to look like I know what I'm doing (don't be fooled haha).

Anyway, lets talk clothes. I bought the dress to wear for my birthday night out and am so in love with it! I've always liked Missguided but I have to say I do find some of their stuff quite hit n miss. I think it's a mixture of things. Firstly price..which is amazing but sometimes cheaper prices can equate to cheaper quality but this can easily be avoided if you have a good eye when browsing through the website. Secondly, on average they cater to the standard women body shape. Now this is not a criticism by any means, most shops do. But it is harder for me to fit into that because I'm tall and have a big bum with a small waist. So skirts and dresses can be short of me and not fit well round my waist or bum. It just means I have to use more thinking power when I'm shopping online at sites like Missguided. Anyway, this dress was a hit! Fit me in all the right places and I adore the white lace. All for £20..what a winner! I think leather and lace is the perfect clash and chose the leather jacket I actually bought in the men's section to wear with this dress, a great play between masculine and feminine styles me thinks. A similar effect was added with the heels e.g. dainty sandals but with a block heel and studs (careful those studs don't cut you as you powerwalk down the street as can be seen in the pics where I had to wear quite an industrial size plaster lol)! I love this look so much, one of my favourites to feature and I must say that this outfit did turn a few heads while I was out. So simple but a definite showstopper.

P.S. Let me know what you think of this shoot. I'm so proud and would love you guys' opinion :)


Missguided Dress

The Kooples Jacket

Zara Heels

G Shock Watch

*Title from "Good Kisser" by Usher