July Reflections

Remember when you were really young and adults would always talk about how quick time goes the older you get...I never believed them but I understand that more than ever now. How is July over with already? And my birthday is just around the corner! We are basically in the final month of summer...OMG! I'm actually so glad that I get to use this blog as a platform to reflect on the months gone because they all just whizz by so quick. So what did happen in July? I just came back from Glastonbury and it was so hard slotting back into proper civilisation. There's nothing like drinking and dancing on a field for 5 days to make you question the 9-5 social construct of the working world lol! I did have a tricky time adjusting back to my job this month and kept feeling like I wanted to just get up and leave to travel the world, finding it so weird to be restricted by four, off-white walls (however, my bank account quietly reminded me to calm down). Luckily, my older sister invited me to come along on a family trip to the French Riviera, which was such a blessing as not only did I get to visit a new place and enjoy some more sunshine, I also got to spend time with my nieces who I don't get to see very often. The trip to Monaco was definitely my peak for July, while job stresses were my pit.

In terms of what's been happening for Carelle, my little project is growing (I will one day have to stop calling it little). My subscription rate has quadrupled from last month and my follower interaction is at an all time peak. Really things have snow balled this month and I couldn't be happier with how everything is progressing. As for my fashion, I've again kept to my summer colours of black, white and blue! I guess they aren't particularly exciting colours but white and blue are such fresh and clean colours that they really look great in summer...especially a summer in the city. Looking at those 4 outfits, I love that I've been able to portray different branches of my style, playing with some rocker vibes at the start of the month, moving on to feeling casual and chic in Monaco to finally throwing out some urban streetstyle at the end. Oh the many faces of my outfits! I have been thinking a lot lately about how I would describe my style and I find it so hard to try and fit into a couple of words. My two best friends have different interpretations of my style for me: one says that I have a knack for making anything look casual while the other calls me a princess...two quite differing opinions but I would say I'm somewhere in to middle. I love being casual but also have got to put some statement into my outfit somewhere...so yeh, I guess you could call me a casual princess lol. Perhaps you could help me define my style as I'm finding it so hard? Ou, I need to pick my fave outfits too!!! Ok, why is this so hard to pick? Right, let's do this...my favourite one, if I absolutely had to pick, would be the dungaree look (click here) and the outfit I'd regularly wear is most probably the shirt and formal joggers outfit (click here). Actually that last one is a lie, I'd regularly wear all of them, as I did and I do lol...oh I'm useless at this game!

As for August, it's my birthday so there will be a lot of celebration coming up! I'm also looking forward to African Fashion Week, Notting Hill Carnival, catching up with old friends, continuously attempting to add more colour into my fashion lol and trying to add some more experiences and adventures to my book of life. There's a new project venture in the pipeline as well for Carelle but I'll keep that under wraps for now, lest I jinx it! I'm wishing you all a fabulous month and to my fellow Leos, a very happy birthday to you! August, I'm ready for you :D xo

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