Instagram Pics: Arrogance and Uncertainty

Time for an Instagram update with some of the pictures from my profile that you might not be able to access if you don't have the app readily available...or you've just chosen not to follow me (one of those silent stalkers are you lol). Either way, have a little browse of what I get up to day to day.

Carrying on the theme from the last post and what I've said repeatedly on several different social media platforms is that the last month I've found it really difficult trying to balance actually living my life and blogging about my life. As ridiculous as that sounds, it must be a real dilemma for lots of bloggers as one of my favourite posters, Negin Mirsalehi, talked about it in a recent article on her website. She spoke about the fake reality of some of her Instagram pictures and how people forget that while she presents the illusion that she is out enjoying herself, prancing and twirling around the streets of Venice, she is actually constantly working! Thus, she spends her mornings and evenings blogging the pictures of her twirling to look as if she is out there having a grand ol' time but in truth she's actually cooped up inside. What a strange reality right? But it's the exact dilemma I've faced this past I go out and enjoy myself or do I go for a bit, take some pictures and then go home and post them. Many of you might be yelling at the screen right now telling me to obviously live life than blog about it but it is an oddly hard position to be in because I have been lucky enough to experience some amazing life adventures and would love to share it and I really do enjoy blogging about what I get up to. Can you not do both, I hear some of you ponder? Of course you can, but for some reason this month I've found that while I'm out doing stuff and think "ou this would be great to blog about" or "I really like the outfit I'm wearing today, perhaps I could quickly snap some pictures to show others" I'm actually distracted while trying to get the perfect shot, ultimately killing the moment! It just means that a lot of what is being blogged about might have be pre-meditated, while I really want to try and be as authentic with my posts as possible. I will keep trying to balance the two - perhaps I'll get it right soon. 

All this has got me thinking again about the odd reality of Instagram, the undeniable arrogance behind some of it and the uncertainty of what is reality or not. Reading Negin's post  and hearing the recent news story about the Dutch girl and her fake Facebook travels, just reminded me again not to believe everything I see on social media sites. Don't be fooled by the smoke and mirrors that might have been staged for your viewing isn't all doughnuts and roses ;) But then I guess we all behave similarly with such social media platforms where we present to the world our interpretation of a "better" reality. Our generation has become one not of what life is but of boasting a life that could be using with the right filtering and angles. It's an interesting yet confusing message we keep sending to each other really.

P.S. I hope that didn't come across as condescending! By no means do I place any judgement especially as I too willingly participate in the Instagram filter culture. I've raised these points only because I enjoy making observations of our current social climate. 

*Title from "You Make it Real" by James Morrison

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