BTS with Accessories Room

Last week I did a shoot with an up and coming,online accessories line so thought it would be fun to share some behind the scene footage and a sneak peak into what went on through out the day!

So to start with, everyone was late (myself included) but that's exactly how these things tend to go. I spent the morning doing my own hair but had my best friend and MAC makeup artist glam me up! I love getting my makeup done by a professional because I really don't know what I'm doing myself. I tend to do the same makeup day in and day out, only changing lipstick colours if I'm feeling adventurous lol. That wouldn't have worked on a shoot though because you really need stand out makeup otherwise you run the risk of looking quite plain especially as all those bright lights can wash you out and highlight all imperfections. But no worries for me though as I was in the hands of a pro!! All this while, my living room was being turned into a studio set...white backdrops were put up, light erected and loads of high tech photography equipment was being pulled out from no where. At this point I started to panic a little because it became quite real that I was about to start modelling, which I hadn't done for 9 years!! So when I first stepped infront of the camera, you could tell I was a little nervous and rusty and it did take a couple of shots before I started to warm up but I had such a supportive team with me that after some time, I started having some fun with shoot! I'm not gonna lie though, at points I did find myself getting frustrated because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and some shots were not coming out the way I wanted. You wouldn't think it but modelling can actually be quite hard work. There is a lot to think about e.g. how your body is positioned, what facial expression you're pulling, are you smizing, where the light is, are you showing the product in the best way! I found that sometimes my body position was perfect but my face looked a bit flat! And all the meanwhile, you need to keep coming up with new poses to keep it fresh and to keep inspiring the photographer, while giving the company a variety of shots to select from. Tricky stuff! I actually have a new found respect for models because it really isn't as easy as it looks. But when you get it right, it really is so much fun! And of course I was blasting out some Beyonce to help me channel some of that Sasha Fierce energy!

After that, we went outside and worked on some streetstyle shots and I was in my element here as it is basically what I do for my blog. I was definitely working that street honey! I did have bystanders staring though, which is always amusing! I sometimes wonder what they think is going I'm there strutting my stuff in the middle of the road with a whole crew around me carrying my stuff, a makeup artist touching me up and a photographer following me round! I bet it looks hilarious and my friends always take the piss out of me by calling me "princess" as I probably looked like some diva! It is actually a little embarrassing as I can be shy and not always the biggest fan of being the centre of attention but you've got to put all that stuff out of your mind when doing a photoshoot and focus!! You gotta do what you gotta do to get that shot. I hope the pictures turn out well..looking forward to seeing the final result and of course to share it you all xo



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