The Kind of Look that Defies Gravity

How cute is this Missguided two piece? I'm not always such a fan of pink clothing, particularly on me myself as I sometimes feel it can look a little too forced or something but this shade is so dreamy!!! I'm also glad I contrasted it with a leather jacket and trainers...made me feel more comfortable wearing I edged it out more, less Malibu Barbie and more Attitude Barbie perhaps. It's funny though, growing up I would have never have dreamed of wearing trainers with a skirt or dress (other than converses), I think because it always reminded me of Lily Allen's style when she first came on the scene and I kind of felt it looked a little tacky! But it has become a bit of a style staple now, hasn't it? As long as your outfit is stylish, trainers now look chic with streetstyle fashion, especially so with skirts and dresses. So much so that they have even been seen on Chanel catwalks on the feet of some of the world's top models!!! Miss Coco Chanel would be rolling over in her grave I'm sure!! 

So with this shoot (which I got my teenage niece to help me out with - I mean how sweet is she?!) I wanted to try and do something a little more fun than the standard standing still shots, try and be a little more creative and make the pictures a little more interesting to look at. It's always good to mix things up a bit and push yourself..well that was what my intention was but trying to get a great jumping picture is much harder than it looks so I settled on 1 or 2 movement shots lol! Oh well, at least I gave it try, right? And if at first you don't succeed, try try try again! We'll get there in the end I'm sure! Anyway, hope you like the pics and more importantly the outfit! Missguided also have a simialar two piece in grey but more wooly ready for autumn weather..I might have to purchase that too...I mean it's getting colder right so I need "warmer clothes" (yes I know my midriff will be showing but just humour me ok!!). Speak soon xo



Missguided Two Piece: Top & Skirt

Kooples Leather Jacket (men's)

Air Max Trainers

Asos Cateye Suede Sunglasses

*Title from "Don't Bother" by Shakira

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