August Reflections

So here are my featured outfits from August! It's pretty bad that in a month I've only been able to put up 3 outfits but there have been a number of restrictions. Firstly (and I know  I've mentioned it before) but I'm pretty much just asking friends and family to help me out with my pics so it's as and when they can. Secondly, this month past has been super busy and I've found it quite tricky this month to balance out living my life and blogging about my life lol. I know that might sound silly but it's true and I imagine a lot of bloggers might struggle similarly because blogging does take up quite a lot of time, especially if you want to build a successful blog. So this can take time away from living your life as your perhaps would and then when your working 9-5 and you want to blow off steam on the weekends but then your blog might start to feel a bit like work getting in the way of that. But I guess that is life when if you want to be successful! Anyway I'll discuss this topic more in my next post for for now I just wanted to explain why there has been only a few posts this month. Regardless, I'd much rather give my readers quality posts rather than trying to cram as many posts as I can in order for my blog to grow quicker. Quality over quantity, right?

In regards to my fashion this month, I've found that I've been a little more feminine with what I've been wearing and I've been trying to incorporate more colour in my daily wardrobe (regardless of the colder weather - the weather in London has shifted quite dramatically this month and it feels like autumn is well on it's way). My favourite outfit out of this 3 would be the middle one which I wore to the Africa Fashion Week event! Surprisingly I was quite under-dressed at this show, people were busting out all sorts of colours and prints but African women do know how to dress and are definitely not shy about their fashion. The outfit I'd most likely wear day to day would be the Slow on Sunday outfit on the far left because it is so easy to put together and you feel quite comfortable while still looking stylish! And I love love love that hat! I wear it all the time. I actually want to get it in more colours. In terms of Carelle and its growth things were a little slower this month, understandably as there were fewer posts but I have been networking more and as such I've been featured on different online platforms. Check them out:

1. Summary Magazine

2. Wear My Fashion

3. The Cr8tives

I would like to thank the above for the feature, it was such an honour working with you and I loved the inventive questions I was asked - kept me on my toes lol.

So Peak and Pit time! Peak this month has to be have been my birthday celebrations. I've turned 24 now and though I don't necessarily feel older and wiser, I do feel so loved! I had a wonderful time celebrating and everyone made such an effort to make me feel special! I realized really how blessed I am to have such a wonderful support system in my life. The pit this month unfortunately is the stress of my 9-5 job, things just aren't as straightforward as I would like but I'm a strong cookie and will continue to persevere. So much to look forward to September, particularly more travelling, networking and I am actually quite excited about autumn fashion!! What are you looking forward to for this month coming? xo


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