Feel the Heat on my Skin

Carelle - Dubai, Beach

Ah the beach....is there a more simple, yet happy place? Having the sand between your toes must be like a form of therapy or something...it's just so soothing right? For me, having the sun shining is like a drug, especially as I'm a fire sign so in constant desperate need of sunshine! Plus the beach is such a fun place to be and then when you have views like the iconic Burj Al Arab, you know it's a pretty plush beach lol. 

Speaking of fun at the beach, we had such a great day messing around as a family here. I would most definitely say it was the best day of the holiday! I buried my little brother in the sand, which was hilarious...he was giggling the whole time! Then we all took about a million jumping shots with the Burj in the background (will show you later), played paddle board with another family on the beach (I was champion of course) and a personal highlight for me was drinking out of a coconut...I mean it really doesn't get that much better. 

Ok let's talk about what I'm wearing. If I'm honest, I'm not the biggest fan of putting up too many bikini shots of myself online...I think I feel a little uncomfortable with that level of exposure and the lack of control with where that image travels to. But I guess I don't mind once in a while, especially when the bikini is this awesome!!!! Hands down this is my favourite swimsuit at the moment for myself. It just fits well. The thing with swimwear is you've got to find a style that suits you best...if there is ever a time when this saying is truly important is when you are in minimal clothing because there is barely anything left to hide lol. For me, I know I have more of an athletic looking body...I'm not saying I'm in good shape or anything but I just have a more sporty nature about me. This swimsuit fits that category well because of the cami top almost looks like a sports bra and the play between the white and black strips (we all know how much I love monochrome) again suggests a sporty side to this piece....love love love! Also, reasonably priced and good quality! Such a great find that I'm patting myself on the back as I write! Do you agree? Do you like?

Well chicitas, I better stop my rambling and try and make myself presentable for the day! Going to do my nails with my Twinny lover this morning, then stuff our faces at lunch (am soo hungry) and finally we are going to try and replant my Christmas tree (his name is Gregory and I can't bare to throw him away). Adios amigos! Have a great Sunday...relax relax relax xoxoxo



River Island Top & Bottom

Asos Hat


*Title from "Standing on the Sun" by Beyonce 

Carelle - Dubai, Beach