Take a Picture, Trick, I'm on a Boat

Carelle - Boat

Day break from blog, still trying to keep to my plan to post very regularly but sometimes I worry that I just spout shit so stopping for a second to think about what you're gonna say is helpful. When you start struggling with writer's block, it's tempting to just write whatever under time pressures but I don't wanna be like that episode of SATC where Carrie Bradshaw is having such bad writer's block she starts comparing men to socks hahaha ...it's not got that bad yet, has it?

So here I am, on a boat! Now I could go on to tell you how amazing it was and blah di blah di blah  but the honest truth was that it was freaking FUR-EEZING! Dubai was surprisingly cold when I went ... (or perhaps not so surprising seeing as it was December). In direct sunlight between the hours of 11 am - 2pm it was glorious weather. After that or with any shade, there was a pretty nasty wind.... and on a boat, that chill was intense. But I really wanted to take some cool photos in my new cover up thingie so I sucked it up like a true blogger and took a million photos in the space of 4 mins! Lol!

If I'm honest, it actually turned out really fun because we had a good giggle about how silly we looked in our bikinis taking pics when really we should have been in jumpers. And because I felt a little silly...I started acting silly.... Exhibit A (I think I'm trying, very poorly I might add, to be a Hawaiian dancer.......yeh): 

Carelle - Boat

And then things got funky....Christmas funky....

...and then I just gave up! Lol! 

You get the gist! Pretty cute number, available in black....do it! :)



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*Title from "I'm on a Boat" by The Lonely Island