Arabian Nights

Carelle - Dubai, Souk

Thank God! Pictures of something else other than me! It was starting to get a bit repetitive, wasn't it (ok so maybe just one of me in this post but it is a personal style blog after all)?

Look how magical the souk is! I loved pottering around here and finding odd trinkets to take home. I visited this souk 3 separate occasions, each time acquiring jewellery, hats, memorabilia and perfume. I love bracelets with the hamsa hand and the evil eye on them so I got some for me and some for friends! Plus, I must sat that the local perfume smelled amazing! I think Middle Eastern women smell divine (is that a weird comment??) and so by putting some "Arabian" perfume on for dinner later one night, as well as all my newly bought gold jewels, I did feel a bit like Princess Jasmine lol. 

I do wish I got to see more of the local souks though, as this one was quite touristy (they had a Starbucks and an Early Learning Centre lol). I am actually quite gutted that I didn't immerse myself in the culture more. I mean, I went all the way to Dubai and didn't even see the desert...shameful really. But the holiday did feel rushed, especially when you're trying to accommodate what different family members want to do (and there are so many of us) or need to help with last minute Christmas shopping (one of my family members - I won't name and shame them but you know who you are- was still buying presents early Christmas morning!!!!). And then after Christmas I just lay by the pool or beach as a vegetable so I didn't get to see the "real" Dubai. But I was happy doing the touristy things e.g. Dubai Mall, Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Burj al Arab .... basically this is just a list of where we shopped and ate, which is actually about 90 percent of what we did on this family holiday hahaha. Never mind, next time I visit I'm gonna do it all!! 

After all this Arabian life talk, I'm really in the mood to watch Aladdin...haven't seen it in years!!! I wonder if it's on Netflix...hmmm....will have to investigate when I get back from netball tonight. Unless someone already has the answer for me??? xo 


*Title   from  "Arabian Nights" by Bruce Adler