Instadiary: What You Get is What You See

Is what you get truly what you see? Not always Miss Tina, especially in the current digital climate of Instagram fixtures, body morphing apps and cyber smart kids! In fact, most of what you get isn't really what you actually see. I mean, it is but it is the best version of what you could see. 

Such a sweet girl commented on one of my pictures on Instagram just pointing out how grand my life looks on the profile. But so do most bloggers if I'm honest. We tend to post our best pictures on Instagram and as such it can be a bit of a show off tool. Even I can get a little down looking at other's pages...I think to myself that they look like they have an amazing life but we forget that Instagram is a little one puts rubbish photos on there or even photos of difficult times. It all just looks magical. I'm no different really. I enjoy a good filter however I am not one for using apps to change my body (apart from perhaps zapping a particularly big spot here and there!!). But there are those who do do so, so please be careful not to get lost in it (yes that is correct grammar lol!). 

Anyhoo, here are the Instagram pics from my trip to Dubai (for those who don't have the app). If I'm honest, the majority of those pics are what you get is what you see and I did have an amazing time...truly I am super lucky to have gone. But there were some sucky times too (like arguing with my family) that I'm not about to share on social media. Though my profile page would suggest the opposite. Sounds silly but I have to remind myself a lot of the time that it's not always as good as it might appear on social media. 

P.S. There are also a few pictures above that are from my personal stash! I wish I could include so much more as I have tons of fab photos from the holiday but for one thing, I really don't want to put pictures of the children online. Plus some of my family members are uncomfortable with their "naked body being paraded like a piece of meat" ... I don't blame them to be honest but it does mean I can't include the beach jumping photos we took, as promised...sorry! Anyway, there should be enough to keep you browsing for now. Cheerio! xo

*Title from Tina Turner