Home is Where the Heart is

Carelle - Coffee table

Cosy evenings at home are the best! Especially when the weather outside is freezing! Lately I've been so boring and the thought of braving the cold at night is a no no...whenever anyone suggests going out, it's just so much more tempting to just stay home in the warmth. And when you feel so cosy as I do in my flat, you're not going anywhere my friend. 

There is nothing I love better than a freshly cleaned and tidied house, tea and snacks and some good TV. It kinda sounds a bit silly but it's small things like this that make me genuinely happy! On nights like tonight, it feels fantastic to treat myself to some down time. I've had such a busy week....all of which was highly productive and fun e.g. new projects at work, networking meetings for Carelle, brand shoots, celebration drinks and blogger meet ups! But I was so happy to have today off and just hide in my little haven! 

Plus, I changed my coffee table around so wanted to show it off to you guys a bit lol! I'm only a little obsessed with Vanity Fair...can you tell? And I recently got the most amazing roses from Moyses Stevens flower stand in Harrods. They are real but "timeless", which basically means they should survive around a year! Whatttt??? Best £60 I've ever spent (well we will see after a year I guess lol)! Anyhow, that's it for now..I'm gonna return to watching The Office US (I've become hooked). Hope you've all had restful Sundays! xo

P.S. As I'm sure you can guess but these pics were taken last week. I no longer have Gregory (my Christmas tree) in the flat. I had planned to replant him but I think I left it too late as he was not in a good state when I was ready to take him to his new home...so I had to dump the body! I'm still grieving!  

*Title from "Rocket" by Beyonce