Stuck up in This Cold Cold World

Carelle - Winter Outfit

I really don't think I'm built for the cold! I know London isn't really that cold but I'm a Nigerian girl...this is just not my scene lol! As the weather has started turning frostier, I've noticed that I actually don't have a proper winter coat. I've got tailored coats, trench coats, bomber jackets, leather jackets, fluffy gilets.....basically all I've got is fashionable outerwear! At this rate I'll be catching pneumonia but at least I'll look great lol! No no, a warm coat had to be bought and as luck would have it, this amazing shearling coat was 1/2 price in Topshop! Score!

What is your coat situation like? I hope you're all keeping warm. It's funny because I see people walking round in next to nothing and I'm flabbergasted!! For me, when it gets this cold, fashion goes out the window and all I can think about is layers. But then I walk everywhere around London so need to keep warm. Perhaps if you're hopping on and off buses or tubes you don't need warmth as much....I dunno! But if I could, I would so wear my hot water bottle when I go outside! I might have to tomorrow as snow is predicted...perhaps I should migrate lol! Or just stay in bed all day, wouldn't that be nice (wishful thinking). Right, I'm off to put the kettle on...need about a bucket of tea to warm up my bones! Arrivederci! xo



Topshop Coat (similar here)

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Dr. Denim Jeans

Zara shoes (similar here)

Sandro Gloves (similar here)


*Title from "Ice Box" by Omarion