Oh Baby Show Me, Show Me Something

Carelle - Bardot

New top alert! Ordered this stunning bardot crop from ASOS and it arrived last night so I couldn't be happier right now! So so so so pretty! I started trying it on with different bottoms to see how it looked and then thought "this is what a blog is for" so I took some pictures of it on my Mac to share with you guys! It literally goes with everything! Wearing it with denim shorts has got me so excited for summer already! But for now I'm thinking to wear it as part of a smarter look to my best friend's birthday party soon...don't worry, I'll be sharing those pics too! 

Do you like all my selfies on here lol! I was feeling myself so much so that I had to FaceTime all my besties to show off. Then I started dancing round to love songs in my new top...I needed to test it out for my clubbing nights as I go all out with my moves and had to double check it could withstand my wannabe Beyonce skills. But of course I stopped in time for some self taken pics. Maybe I should make it into a book cos that's a thing now...genius idea from Miss Kim K, simply hilarious!! Gotta admire that Kardashian, she's got balls. Anyhow, enough selfies and showing off. Need to get on with some proper work! Laters! xo 



Bardot Top

Levi Vintage Short (similar here)


*Title from  "Show Me" by Kid Ink