I Get a Funny Feelin'

OMG I can't stop giggling!! BEST SONG EVER!!!!  hahahaha

A client from work introduced me to this song when I told him my name....apparently it was quite a hit in the 80s I'll have you know! I googled it today and I'm so chuffed, though they are pronouncing my name wrong. It's Elvira not Elvyra! American's always pronounce it incorrectly so take note my friends. For this song though, I'll let it slide cos it's just a timeless piece! And it just fits me so well don't you think?? I mean, I so wanna meet up at the Hungry House Cafe....hungry is my only consistent emotion so let's do this hahaha! Hope you enjoy the song as much as me, it's definitely made my day!!

Now I'm off to play some Netball with some niece in the park and after all that exercise, we shall stuff our faces with pancakes (at the Hungry House Cafe no doubt) and then I get to spend the day playing with my Twinny Lover! Fabulous plan! I'll try and post more later as well if I get a chance...maybe something more fashion related lol. Have a hunky dory Saturday folks!!! xoxoxo 


*Title from "Elvira" by Oak Ridge Boys 

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