Beauty #1 - It Must be Hard to be That Fine

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Beauty regimes are hard, maaan! Like I really have never had the patience to invest time in getting into a regime. But as I'm getting older (why God why) I'm realising more and more the importance of taking care of yourself inside out .... as well as the importance of taking pride in your appearance, mostly because spending some time pampering yourself and dolling up a bit can actually lift your mood (it does me for me anyway). One of my potential/stolen New Year's Resolutions was to dedicate proper time to spoiling myself and also to put in some more effort once in a while. And voila, here is the birth of my first beauty post discussing the products I use to pamper myself. 

Now by no means do I have any clue what I'm talking about when it comes to beauty regimes. I am still trying to rack my brain over how to get clearer skin and less split ends and yada yada yada! It's so hard as well because there are a million different stories and scientific evidence and whatever else telling us to do blah blah blah and I really don't know how to keep up...honestly! For so many years, I've simply washed my face with Clean & Clear and moisturised my body with Nivea. Done and done! But I'm making an effort now to try and understand "beauty" a bit better. Don't get me wrong, I still think a lot of talk out there about beauty regimes and what's good for you is pure bullshit but mostly because every individual is different so what works for one person doesn't for another. Basically, don't always believe the gotta try it out for yourself. 

Anyway, I'm not here to tell you about my day to day routine (mostly because it wouldn't be very long e.g. wash face day and night with Clean & Clear Exfoliating Wash then moisturise face with Clean & Clear moisturiser, moisturise body with Nivea Body Lotion after every shower and drink a glass of water with half a lemon every morning, plus drink lots of water throughout the day). I'm here to tell you about the special products I swear by that I use to pamper myself and make me feel good. 


I've only recently started using face masks because I've always been wary of them before, not understanding the effects and also not being bothered to have to sit there with this goo on my face and then have to wash it all off again after 20 mins...loooooong! But I finally grew a pair and invested in one that works a dream for me: Quick Fix Facial Purifying Charcoal Mask. I put it on in the evenings before bed, once a week  for about 20 mins (the bottle says 5 mins but I like it to harden on my face before I wash it off, it's more fun that way) which forces me to dedicate that time to do something for myself that's relaxing (or take ridiculous selfies to send to my friends so we can have a giggle). What's amazing about this product is how my skin feels after: relaxed, refreshed, soft and glowing! Charcoal is a great element for drawing out all the impurities and toxins in your face thus fighting acne in order to achieve a flawless completion (dropping some knowledge on yo ass.......which I totally googled). Beware though, drawing out toxins can bring out spots that have been pending to come up but hey, always better out than in right? I'd rather just get it over with than battle with that bastard teasing spot that wants to take it's time to pop up....not on my watch, mister! So yeah, if this sounds like something you'd be into I'd definitely recommend...and it's super cheap! See you don't always need overly fancy stuff, the cheap ol' faithfuls work just as good.

Ok wow, this is becoming a long post. Imma speed it up as we all have lives to lead. 


Both products smell divine and feel so luxurious! These bad boys are a little more pricey but oh are they so worth it!! Like I have been so tempted to eat both straight out the bottle. And people, if there is one beauty advice that I will preach until my dying day is the necessity to moisturise!!!! Your whole body needs loving not just your face! Your hands get particularly dry considering all you use them for and how many times you wash them in the day (or I hope you do at least) so it's very important to keep them hydrated. Moisturising head to toe keeps your skin younger...when it dries out, you're are more susceptible to wrinkles and ageing. My mother takes this shit so serious that she spends half an hour a day creaming and oiling herself up to the point that she is slip n' sliding all up in our house. But when she gets mistaken for my sister rather than my mother you know it works so just do it, EVERYDAY!!! I recommend for hands the Shea Delightful Rose Hand Cream  and for the body day to day Nivea will do but for those special occasions, the Creme de Pishache Souffle Body Creme. C'mon, even the name sounds delectable. Proven very popular with the fellas, so ladies take note ;) 


I live and breathe by these 4 perfumes (I know there are only 2 at the top but I made some last minute editions and didn't have it in me to retake the photo, apologies). Viktor & Rolf is my dream perfume brand. I'm not into fresh or overly flowery/sweet smells as I get travel sick quite easily and anything too overpowering makes me wanna puke. But these guys are just the right amount of subtle sensuality that I adore. I wear Flowerbomb and Bon Bon on the regular but Flowerbomb Rose Explosion (the gold bottle) if I want a bit extra spice in my life! Finally D&G The One is a little more of a stronger smell but is so sophiscated in its sensuality. Whenever I wear it, people in the street actually come up and sniff me, no word of a lie! 

And that is are now free to go and live your lives! I hope you enjoy whatever you have planned today and as it's Sunday hopefully you've set some time to relax and maybe even pamper yourself a little! Would love to hear back your own reviews of any of the products above if you've tried them or are about to. Anyway, better get on today's activities. Need to shoot some more outfits for next week so stayed tuned. Hasta la vista!  xoxo


*Title from "Make Me Proud" by Drake