She's Not Anyone

Carelle - Accessories Room

I certainly didn't feel like just anyone when wearing my gorgeous gift from Accessories Room...I felt pretty special, I must say! That collar is just the perfect accessory to add some panache to any look. Opted for some casual attire over the weekend (to be fair, I'm even more casual in the week lol)...something comfy and cosy for chilling round town. Had my teenage niece stay with me and it was so nice to spend some time with her. She's like a mini me, it's so cute (until she starts riffling through my wardrobe, attempting to steal my clothes). We had a fun few days brunchin', afternoon teaing, playing Netball in the park, having the best apple pie at Chicken Shop, practising for her French test, dancing to Beyonce...the stuff of young girls really (myself included). I enjoyed introducing her to some classic Oasis songs as she had never heard them before...or rather had heard them but never clocked who it was. Songbird is one of my faves - it of course has become my niece's favourite now too lol! 

Other than that, I just tried to keep warm! I'm finding it harder to stay fashionable in winter because it's getting to cold too care what I look like. But with statement pieces from somewhere like Accessories Room, minimum effort is required to look chic! Anyway, let's get on with this Monday. The sooner we tackle it, the sooner it's over. Have a good day xo 



GAP Jumper

Zara Shirt

Zara Coat (similar style)

Accessories Room Fur Collar

Hollister Jeans (similar here)

H&M Boots 


*Title from "Songbird" by Oasis