Maybe We Could Work it Out

Ok so yesterday I started an 8 week mindfulness course and at first I thought I'd be a bit like "meh" but I actually really enjoyed it when I let myself get into it. Weird thing happened, we tried a mindful eating activity concentrating on being fully aware of eating a raisin....wait you need to know I HATE raisins, but for some reason I tried it and noticed that I actually like raisins! I've been lying to myself for 24 + years!! Ground breaking stuff!!! Anyway, as we were doing the body scan exercise, I realised how much I wanna get back into yoga so decided to try and do a little in the evening before bed.....well that was the plan at least. The pictures above might be a leeeetle clue that it didn't go that successfully lol!

But I do really wanna get back into fitness and health and all that jazz! Funnily enough I've noticed an increase in my search queries around fitness and I know a lot of bloggers also blog about it too. It's quite trendy right now to eat clean and lift weights and whatever else. The prob is I'm not much of a gym bunny so I'm sorry, I can't give you that. But I have currently been looking at fun new classes to try asap so maybe I can include them in my posts. The thing about me is that I need to do exercise where I'm not conscious of the pain otherwise I give up in like 5 secs. Like something where I am having fun. I play Netball weekly and it's great because I am so immersed in the game that I don't care about being tired or having a stitch. So the research for some more interesting exercise regimes begins. So far I have come up with pole dancing, boot camp in the mud or flying trapeze class in Regent's park....hmmmm, not gonna lie, I'm just feeling those options right now. Do you have any suggestions for me? I'd really appreciate any advice, I'm struggling! 

What I'm most excited about is that when I find a class/activity to try I'm most definitely gonna be treating myself to some new workout gear! You've gotta look good while you sweat no? And I love the new collection Nike have put out, saw it over the weekend and now I'm so keen to work out cos my new sports gear will be so colourful and fun... I know that's weird but whatever, can't wait!!! Summer body, imma coming for ya xo


*Title from "New Workout Plan" by Kanye West