Wait For Now

Carelle _ Sneak Peak

A little sneak peak of a collaboration I did 2 weekends ago! I won't give it away just yet as I need to get round to editing the photos and putting it all together properly. I just haven't had the time to lately, which is crazy as I spend most of my time prepping for my blog. Day time I'm in the office and from 6pm I'm home doing bloggy things lol! I don't get to bed till 1pm most nights and then I'm up bright and early 7 am for work. I need to set a better routine. Especially for days like today when I'm gonna be working in the office till 8pm...snore! 

But all the hard work is paying off as I have had so much interest in the blog this month and have some exciting ventures coming up...all new ground for me so I am totally over the moon right now! Super tired but over the moon haha!

But anyway, I can't wait to share more about where this picture is from...I'll try and do so over the weekend, though it's looking tight lol! I'll make it work..in the meantime, keep patient with me. Much love you guys xo 


*Title from "I Will Wait" By Mumford & Sons