Stylin', Wilen, Living it up in the City

Day 3 of 365 and I'm still buzzing from the idea of fresh new prospects of a new year! It's almost like that feeling of waiting for know there is something exciting to be unwrapped but you just have to wait for the time to open it and then you'll know what the gift is. That's how I'm looking at 2015 ... like a present to unwrap, where there is something new and exciting to be discovered! 

Carrying on with the happy mood is some further good news....remember when I shared the behind-the-scenes pics from my photoshoot with Accessories Room? Well the website is finally live so you can now view campaign here and perhaps even have a little browse through the products for yourself. They stock stunning accessories, all handcrafted in Italy and the brains behind this fabulous company is a personal friend and such a lovely lady, so please show some love and support for her! 

I will share some more photos from our collaboration by tomorrow morning but I do need to rush off now as I'm late for lunch with my Mum and haven't even gotten changed yet...eek! Have a great weekend everyone xo 

*Title from "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars 


Photos by Raphael Charles Photography 

Makeup by Julie Anne Lambert