Working For The Money Cos That's What My Mama Taught Me

Carelle - All Black

Man I'm so tired...didn't get home from work till 9pm last night. Tried to get ready for bed so quick but had to eat, shower and unwind before I could sleep so it was another late night for me. Thank goodness I got an extra hour in bed today as I've got a busy day ahead but all fun so can't complain. Have an afternoon meeting in the East today for something that could potentially be big but it's all very hush hush at the moment..sorry can't share anything just yet ;) Then I get to go shopping in order to shoot some looks this weekend for a secret feature...sorry, another hush hush project but all will be revealed in due course my lovelies. 

Even though I'm tired it's great being busy, all part of hard work and hustling. So while working late last night was a pain, it's part of the job and means extra kudos which isn't all that bad. And weekend plans for blog can only mean all my hard work is paying off. Lately, I can definitely feel the progress, which spurs me on to work even harder! Learned the importance of a hustle from my mother dearest (she is the original hustler in the game, her words not mine) so I hope I'm doing her proud. 

How do you like this outfit btw? Had to rush to take it but it's perfect when you just want to throw something on and go go go! All black is also great for a "I mean business look" but it's like the easiest thing to wear lol. Plus ponchos and capes are very in right now...the whole 70s hippie, red indian style is definitely back this season so I can still look trendy while being super comfy. I mean it's basically a blanket wrapped round you in a "stylish" way haha. 

OK I seriously need to go get ready...can't turn up to the meeting looking like I do right now. Need a ton of concealer to hide the bags under my eyes lol! Have a good one peeps xo 



Wallis Poncho (similar here)

Dr. Denim Jeans 

Zara Boots

Alexander McQueen Bag

Asos Sunglasses

Hermes CDC


*Title from "BO$$" by Fifth Harmony

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