Down to Earth Like This

Carelle - Poncho

First outfit of 2015....woohoo!! I stole this poncho from my mother so it's a little bigger than my size but I kind of like it baggy. Though looking at the pics now I do come across a little bit like a South American farm herder lol.....whatever, the boots make it chic so I'm not phased! I do like the earthy nature of this look, feels very chilled and indie or hippie or something like that...know what I mean? Plus it's so great to wrap up in because it's like carrying your personal blanket round town with you...though I did have to seriously layer up underneath as it was particularly freezing on Sunday. 

That afternoon I went out for pizza with my mum in Harrods and a couple at the next table interrupted our meal to tell me they both thought I looked like JLo...hilarious!! I mean what a compliment, she's like the sexiest woman but I know I do not look like her. I'm not even being modest, I just don't lol! As a mixed race girl, I always find that people are trying to figure out who I look like. I've had Beyonce (woo), Rochelle Humes (boo), Mya and all sorts but JLo has definitely got to be the strangest. No actually I lie, I once got told I look like Julia Roberts.....huh?

Anyhow, we all had a little chuckle round the table and my mother and I pranced off for afternoon tea at the Four Seasons (we could not have had a posher Sunday if we tried). So sad cos my mum has finally left town now and is heading back to Nigeria. I quickly popped over to say bye to her yesterday after work....always the worst feeling in the world doing that. But at least I have her blanket still smells like her so I can wrap up in it and feel like she's here :) 



Wallis Poncho (similar here)

River Island Jeans

Zara Boots (hurry, they're on SALE)

Catarzi (ASOS) Hat


*Title from "Jenny From the Block" By Jennifer Lopez