Armani DXB

Carelle - Burj Khalifa

Time to relive the joys of a sunny holiday, while wrapping up in jumpers and blankets at home! So Christmas is always a big deal in my family! There's so many of us that no one can remember anyone else's birthday so you'd be lucky to get a call let alone presents but it's all made up at Christmas! We go all out lol. As we all live in different sides of the world, we all reconvene in December for some family bonding. We've always had a tradition of holding it in London and have been doing the same Christmas routine for nearly 10 years or so...but this year we decided to mix it up a bit and try a new country together. Dubai was the happy middle for us all to get to so viola.

I flew in a few days before Christmas and arrived late at night so by the time I got to the Armani Hotel it was straight to bed for me. But by the morning I was ready to explore and got to truly appreciate being in such an amazing hotel....I mean it's inside the Burj Khalifa for goodness sake....crazy!! 

So first things first when in a hotel...time to make myself at home! Clothes up, makeup out, curtains drawn back and tea plus treats in the room = heaven .....

Now I've made myself comfortable it's finally time to get myself to the pool asap!! But first let me take a belfie ...hahaha 

Carelle - Belfie

Hmmmm.....looking a bit uncomfortable and it's not the most ladylike angle for me! Perhaps belfies are best left to the professionals like Kim K. 

Time for the pool!! And the view is even more amazing downstairs...

Feeling happy to finally get some relaxation time! And so blessed to be in such an incredible hotel! 

Carelle - Dubai/
Carelle - Dubai

It's getting hot out here. Time to get in the pool me thinks! But is it warm? Let's test ...

Carelle -Dubai

Ah throwback to the moment I thought I was in a FHM photoshoot lol! I took getting in the pool too literally but I do seem to having a grand ol' time....

Carelle - Dubai

OK, Got in for real and feels awesome! Wish I was in that pool right was so warm! Take me back!!!!!!!!!

Carelle - Dubai

More tomorrow as well as details of this cover up and bikini! Have a good day everyone...the weekend is finally here, time to turn up! xo