More Than a Dream

Carelle - Pool, Dubai

Ideal cover up from Asos! I've been looking for a bardot style holiday piece for a little while now. My collar bone is one of favourite body parts to show off as I find it quite feminine and sexy oddly enough (plus it's the skinniest bit of me and so I believe that when I flaunt it, it gives a deceptive illusion about my size lol!). The only problem with this particular one is that I struggled to decide whether to go for white or black!!! I finally decided white as it's the epitome of holiday isn't it? White always looks good with a tan. Looking at the pics now, I might get a black as well! I really really like it! Though I couldn't wear it much at the moment, could I, with the weather in London lol...will have to wait until my next vacation, which will be soon I hope!

Not only was the cover up new, so was bikini! I can't even tell you how much I adore this bikini! I so wish they stocked it in different colours. Do you think River Island take personal requests? My mother always taught me there'e no harm in asking ... this might be a little far fetched though lol! I'll post more pics of the bikini in close up tomorrow and we can discuss it further then. 

Now I'm getting ready for a catch up lunch with my school besties! Can't wait to see them and have a girly day. Most of all, looking forward to cuddles from my goddaughter! It's gonna be a good Saturday!!! Hope you guys are up to something fun too. Enjoy your day xo



Asos Tunic 

River Island Bikini Top & Bottoms 

Asos Sunglasses 


*Title from "Dreamworld" by Robin Thicke


Carelle - Pool, Dubai