Louis Vuitton Series 3 - 180 The Strand

Alas, access into Louis Vuitton's exhibition has now ended - boo! But never fear, for those of you that missed it, I'm here to share my visit to the LV World. For those of you who have already seen it (and I imagine most of you as everyone and their mothers have posted pictures on Instagram), just sit tight lol. 

So this free exhibition allowed us mere mortals the chance to peek into the creative process behind Nicholas Ghesquiere's A/W collection, from inspiration to catwalk. This was all showcased as an 'immersive' experience with digital displays, floating trunks, mannequins and video interviews. For a small exhibition, it definitely made an impact.

I had two favourite parts of the exhibition. First, I loved the fact that there was an on site atelier for you to see the bags being made close up and ask questions about the process. Plus, I found out a little tidbit that I think is so intriguing - you don't need to have any experience to work in the factories/studios building the bags. Anyone can do it as they train you as part of an internship and then voila, you work for a huge French fashion house. OK, of course they only employ the best interns in the end but heck, I'm about ready for a career change lol. But seriously, it was so interesting to see start to finish how these bags are made, right from laser cutting leather pieces for the bag to the intricacies of putting the pieces together by hand. 

Second favourite part of the exhibition were the trunks! I love a good trunk! I desperately want one for my home, whereby I can store things in it, use it as part of a killer hide and seek game, there are endless uses to a good trunk. Better than simply ogling at the beautiful array they have on display as usual (believe me, I do that on a regular basis at the Sloane Square store), I learned the history behind some of the oldest trunks designed by Mr LV himself. OK, is it just me or did you not realise how old Louis Vuitton is? These trunks were made as far back as the 1800s. I was aware that there a lot of fashion brands have a long history but nearly 200 years, that's insane. How fascinating to see trunks designed for photographers to carry their equipment for long haul escapades to Asia or trunks designed to fit African cars from the 19th Century for selected adventurous travellers. Santa, if I'm really good, can I have one too?

And for the grand finale, staff are on hand to dish out free stickers and posters as souvenirs for your experience. Isn't Louis Vuitton thoughtful?

Gutted to have missed out on this exhibition? Don't worry too much as there's another French fashion house display currently at the Saatchi Gallery. Chanel's Mademoiselle Privé opened last week and is on till November 1st. See you there ;)