Warm Me Up

Carelle - AR (A/W16)

Throwing back to this outfit I planned a few weeks ago, just before the weather started to turn really chilly and it was perfect then. Now, I would definitely need to add some more layers to keep warm. But it would still work just fine because the collar easily drapes over just about everything. I realised I hadn't worn my beautiful collar from my friend's label, Accessories Room in ages. So I was actually quite looking forward to winter again for the chance to bust it out. It's such an easy and effortless way to add style and chicness to any outfit. A must for this colder season!

Another item I believe every girl should have in their wardrobe is a good suit. If nothing else, I am so proud of this beauty and love the rare opportunities I get to wear it. It fits like a glove and makes me feel so good when I wear it, like I'm ready to take on the world. I originally planned this look for Fashion Week with the focus of comfort e.g. trainers but still looking styled and fashionably (last year, my feet were on fire after a few hours in heels). Voila. However, looking back my hair was a little too long then and I'm so glad I got it chopped and now look a little less ghetto fabulous haha. So, are you feeling this look? xo



Reiss Suit

Topshop T-shirt

Accessories Room Collar



*Title from "Breathe Me" by Sia