Abuja: Arts & Crafts Village

Just dropping a quick little hello from Abuja, where I've briefly escaped to over the last week. It's always important for me to get back to the motherland at least once a year to reconnect with my roots. I am feeling so refreshed and happy to be lazying at home, experiencing some African sunshine, eating suya and plantain and most importantly spending time with my family (who I haven't seen in so long - I always miss them so much). Now I don't know if it's just me but when I come home I am a sloth. I do nothing apart from eat eat eat! To be fair, Abuja isn't necessarily the most buzzing of cities anyway but even if it was a mini Las Vegas, home is home and I would remain in my pjs for the entirety of the trip regardless. Do you guys do the same when you go back and visit parents or hometowns?

Anyway, what I do LOVE to do when back in Abuja is pay a little visit the Arts and Crafts Village. Located in the Central Business District, this little tourist gem is a great spot for art lovers, artifact collectors and trinket hoarders. I enjoy bartering with the locals, learning the history behind Nigerian materials and simply witnessing good, homegrown craftsmanship. Some of the items I've found there over the years are simply breathtaking. Even if you aren't interested in buying, it's well worth a visit to just for a gander. With all those bright colours and that vibrant atmosphere, you won't be disappointed. More soon xo