Abuja: Ankara Prints

Carelle - Ankara

Another activity I love doing when I go back home to Nigeria (apart from being a sloth) is riffling through all the material my mum has at home or visiting markets in search of ankara and having a tailor design outfits for me. Everyone does it where I'm from, they get new outfits tailored for church or big events or in my case cos I wanted to prance round the house in it. Because it's such done thing, it's not expensive at all. How fun to be able to personally design your wardrobe all the time? It makes everyone look so unique and individual and explains how much Africans love to express themselves. Like, look at at that sixteen year old girl from the states who designed her own prom dress using African material. It blew up worldwide but that's what it's like every day in Nigeria! 

So, I went for a pattern and colour clash, which I love doing when home. I am always in black or grey in London probably because of the weather but when I'm in Nigeria it's time for a colour explosion. How'd you like this look? I think next time, I need to go even more AF and throw on a head scarf. And then a little touch of high fashion magic with my mother's Manolo Blahniks. Feeling myself like a Nigerian Carrie Bradshaw. And then I couldn't help but wonder.... ;) xo