I Ain't 'Fraid Of No Ghost

Boo! It's Halloween! Got any plans? I'm carving my first ever pumpkin tonight :O ... don't know why I've never done it before. It's such fun! It's probably because Halloween isn't as big a deal in the UK as it is over in the States. But for some reason, this year people seem to really be joining in on the celebration. All day today, I've seen trick or treaters, people in costumes and houses covered in cobwebs! It's quite exciting really. I, however, won't be going out tonight. I'm not feeling 100 % and have had a super busy week so am looking to staying home with my pumpkin Steve. But just because I'm not out on the town doesn't mean I can't dress up a little right? I love being silly so any chance to get into costume, Imma take it! Or is this a costume ... perhaps I really am a superhero. Shh.. don't spill my secret identity ;) Happy Halloween guys xo 



GAP Shirt (old)

Zara Blazer (old)

Primary Body (old)

Topshop Midi Skirt (old)


*Title from "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker Junior