A Little Bit OF Naughty Is A Little Bit Nice

Hello again! It's been about 3 weeks since I've blogged anything and then the site went down over the last couple of days so it all seemed like despair for Carelle but it was all part of my cunning plan to revamp the blog! Woohoo! It's been nearly two years since I started and it was definitely time for a redesign and now I'm going for an older, more sophisticated look. Just clean cut, simple, less distractions around the site and a bit more an editorial feel of sorts. And I did it all myself (with the help of a host site of course..I'm not a genius ok!). I'm really happy with it :) So.... What dyu think? 

And what better way to kick off an older design to my blog than with some beautifully seductive bralettes from Feiminn. Check their FB page here. So today, I am planning to get some outfit shots prepped so I can start posting fashion looks again and get the ball rolling with this blog business once more. Excited to get started but have a million chores I need to get done before so I better get a move on. Have a great day all, hope you like the new style of Carelle and speak soon. Much love xoxoxoxoxo  

*Title from "Show Me How You Burlesque" by Christina Aguilera