Save The Cheerleader, Save The World

Carelle - Letterman jacket

Who remembers "Bring It On" the movie? After that film every girl wanted to be a cheerleader, I'm sure of it. At school, we loved chanting "be aggressive, be be aggressive" during sport matches and I took it so seriously that I even started to make my own up cheers e.g. "extra extra read all about it, our team is gonna win, there's no doubt about it" ... oh dear, how embarrassing! I so badly wanted to go to an American High School, date the quarter back and of course go to prom. But the ultimate dream was to own a/borrow your boyfriend's Letterman/Varsity jacket. That was the epitome of being a cheerleader for me. So recently, I kind of got to live out my childhood fantasy when my brother kindly donated his old jacket to my cause and I came up with this grown up twist on a modern day cheerleader. Wearing leather stops it from being too cutesy an outfit but god knows how anyone would do splits in this skirt haha. My brother suggested I wear converses for the look to emphasise the full American sweetheart style but I wanted to edge it out a bit more with platform boots. Still sporty but kind of like being a rebel cheerleader haha. Cos I'm so badass right ahaha. 

Anyway, enough of that. Let's talk about more serious things, like what happened in Paris over the weekend. It makes me genuinely so sad that people kill each other for being different. But I guess this isn't a new thing. Humans have repeatedly killed one another over race, religion, sexuality, gender, anything that makes "them" different from "us". I strongly believe that is the root of most of the issues from the world. People form an "in group" which is the "us" and anyone outside of that is the "out-group" or "them". It's so sad to think that we all share the same planet but can hate those that seem different when we are all one human race. It shouldn't be about "us" or "them" but "WE" and most importantly WE all need respect one another. In doing so, maybe this eye for eye mentality will stop because no one wins. Air raids in Syria, bombs in Paris; people will just continue to die until there is no one left. Perhaps this is too simplistic a view and I know I don't have the solutions but it's what I hope the world will arrive at one day. And finally, to those that think it is ok to kill those different from yourselves,  I refuse to be terrorised. The UK has been under severe terror alert for years now and after what happened in Paris I've started to think  about avoiding overly populated areas but then I decided that I won't let these horrible people dictate how I live my life and cower in fear. I will not be afraid! I am not afraid of the dark because I believe that light always drives it out. Anyway, that's my say on the recent events. All that's left to do is pray for peace all over the world. Michael Jackson had it right, we need to heal the world but it's a group effort required from everyone. Have a blessed Sunday all and please stay safe. Much love xo



American College Teddy

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*Title from TV Show "Heroes"