The Ivy Cafe - Marylebone #BloggersBrunch

Ivy Cafe - Carelle

Last week, I got a very exciting email from the Ivy Cafe inviting me to a Bloggers Brunch, where I would have the chance to preview the restaurant before the opening the following week. Well clearly I replied "HELL yes!" - free posh nosh and blogger chit chat, who could resist! So on Friday, I trotted (I wore heels so yes trotted) over to Marylebone for a rather fancy pants breakfast and entered bravely into my blogger parallel universe . I was kindly escorted to my seat and before I could put my Celine (yes I busted out the posh bag for the posh cafe) down I had a mimosa in hand. Looking around, there were tables upon tables of blogger names scattered throughout the restaurant, some I recognized and a lot of new ones I was excited to meet.

Side note: The room looks rather blogger empty in the pic below but within the hour it was buzzing with many a fancy looking lady. Apparently, just as in the fashion world, it is understood that bloggers arrive late and oh my, did a few make a rather mighty entrance doing so haha. 

Now, being a self-proclaimed foodie, I decided the restaurant photography could wait till after I had some much needed brunch - taking good shoots requires lots of energy people and I was ready to fuel up my tank. Our table was oddly empty, I must say, but it meant more food for us so no one was really complaining haha. We quickly ordered our mains, stuffed our faces on pastries and tea while we waited and in amongst the chit chat, brunch suddenly appeared. 

And what does any social media crazed millennial do when food lands on the table? That's right, it was photo time! And with a room full of bloggers, the restaurant soon came alive with sounds of clicks and chair shuffling to get perfect shots. Well, if you can't beat 'em ....

So the options available for us to sample included eggs benedict (with either ham or salmon), avocado and tomato on toast or granola. I decided on the granola because I am a fool!! No, to be fair, it was delicious and surprisingly filling but I was butt of all jokes on my table, taunted by the other's hot plates. 

And once all photos were taken, it was time for the blogger chit chat to fully commence. With juices, Bloody Marys and mimosas flying around the restaurant, we all got on rather well. The Ivy Cafe has such a lovely ambience for making new friends (e.g. Laurie from New Yorker Meets London), with an atmosphere that is oddly cosy yet captivating. 

The thought of heading back to the office anytime soon was very off putting. I could have happily tucked myself away in a quiet corner of the restaurant with a newspaper and a pot of tea, spending the rest of my Friday in pure contentment. 

But alas, the crowd was thinning and the plates were clearing, all signs that our wonderful morning was coming to an end. With all the drinks flying around, I completely forget that I was there for a purpose and hurriedly remembered my blogger status. So with 10 mins to go before I had to make a run to the office, I (slightly unsteadily) picked up my camera and set about taking pictures of my surroundings.  

Isn't it pretty? I love the art deco touches to what felt like a warm, intimate room though actually being quite spacious. Of course, still in keeping with the classic Ivy style of tables adored with snow-white linens and lavish, silver cutlery. A dream really. And all in the heart of Marylebourne, whereby the brand is looking to give off a more laid-back and community feel with this new opening. Well done, I say! 

And then that was it, my fabulous morning sipping mimosas out of the office was over in the blink of a tipsy eye and I packed up my granola goodies (and a handful of other's unwanted ones too - you snooze you lose) and battled my way through the rain back to work. I can't wait to visit again and try out the full menu. The restaurant opens today so I don't imagine it will be long before I am nestled back there on a rainy Sunday morning. Book now.    

Address: 96 Marylebone Lane, London W1U 2QA