Look How You Coordinated

Sometimes I get on such a great roll with the blog and other times I can't bring myself to post anything, no matter how small. The latter has been this week, where I've been so busy it feels like I've become a bit of a disappearing act on Carelle haha. And then today has just been one of those days but I thought I need to man up and say hello, even with a short post. And it can't be all bad when the lovelies at Yoins gifted me with this cute little number recently. A big thank you to them. I've always wanted a tie dye look and now I'm super excited to wear this on my next holiday (which I'm hoping will be really REALLY soon). 

And that's it for tonight folks. I'm clocking out now and getting into my spotty PJs, making a cuppa and watching KUWTK. It's much needed - see I told you it was one of those kinda days haha. Night night dolls xo  

*Title from "Number 1" by Pharrell & Kanye West