A Million Years Ago

Carelle - November

Throwing back to the start of this month when it was still sunny and mild, with this bright and sunny post. Now it's grey and chillier but to be expected I guess cos it is basically December. It feels like forever ago when we could go out without a jacket but I thought I'd reminisce today. To be honest, I am loving wearing cosy knitwear atm and I'm in love with the colour of the one I'm wearing here. Neutrals always look chic in winter, a nice alternative to wearing black/grey all the time.

Btw, I watched the Adele special on BBC. I think she is just amazing and can't wait to listen to her whole album properly. Nearly the weekend peeps, almost there then we can relaxxxx. Can't wait xo


Topshop Jumper

Miss Sixty Jeans

Miss KG Espadrilles

Reiss Hat

Hermes Bag 


*Title from "A Million Years Ago" by Adele

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