A Dream That Died By The Light Of Day

Carelle - Saatchi

Sunny and bright winter days can have some of the loveliest lighting; both moody and magical. The day I shot this with Vitae Photography, we lucked out on that kind of lighting and had the brilliant idea to shoot inside the Saatchi Gallery (it was freezing so I was so pleased to be inside). With a big white window, dreamy lighting and a 90s inspired grunge look, I think we definitely accomplished that moody look haha.  Really pleased with these photos. Thanks to the people at Vitae, it felt really natural shooting with them . 

However, I am anything but moody today because it's officially December and Christmas is round the corner! I LOVE this time of year and have already delved into the festive season. For my lunch today, I had a  toffee nut latte from Starbucks and a turkey, brie and cranberry sandwich from Cafe Nero. Delicious! Plus, I've made a good start on Christmas present shopping. I'm so happy :D :D :D I'm gonna have a designated Christmas day next weekend, where I'll put up decorations, watch festive movies (and My Fair Lady - it's my Christmas tradition) and wrap presents. EEeee, I'm in my element right now haha. Kisses xo 



Levi Denim Jacket

H&M Striped Top (similar)

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Topshop Choker

Primark Tights

Topshop Boots


*Title from "Adventures of a Lifetime" by Coldplay