So how crazy was the whole H&M x Balmain launch? But hands up how many people queued online or in store? I did too. I couldn't resist, it just felt like a moment in history or something. That hype was too much and I'm not usually one for hype but last minute I somehow got sucked in. I was refreshing the H&M website for 3 hours before I managed to get anything...and I'm one of the lucky few. But while I was refreshing, I was also scrolling through Twitter, observing the chaos unfold and some people's tweets made me seriously chuckle. Like there was someone who tweeted about being the queue from the early hours of the morning and then a rat suddenly approached the queue and half the people ran for their lives and so this tweeter just skipped half the queue cos she weren't gon' let no rat get between her and Balmain haha. I was crying! 

But seriously, it was madness! People sleeping on streets for 3 nights in Singapore (no clothes in the world could compel me to sleep on the dirty, city streets - but saying that I've heard before that Singapore does have pretty clean streets), to the police being called in to stop cutting the queue in London, to stampedes in Paris, to women full on fist fighting over a jacket in Australia. It was too much people haha. And so I've compiled a list of some of my favourite tweets from the #HMBalmaination Apocalypse. Good for a little Saturday evening chuckle. Enjoy! xo