Sweet Dreams Till Sunbeams Find You

Carelle - November

How beautiful is this location? Last weekend, my niece and I ventured around the Kings Road area and stumbled across this lovely little autumn scene. Autumn is my favourite time of year! I've always wanted to get married on a day like this e.g. sunny and golden. Think how magical your wedding photos would look. Straight out of a dream, right? So of course, it meant a spontaneous photoshoot occurred! It was just too pretty to miss out on. And you now have a little peek at what an unplanned, weekend outfit of mine looks like. Pretty much it's all about comfort on the weekend (who am I kidding, I dress comfy everyday haha) but I still managed to throw on some stylish pieces before I left the flat. I love pairing my leather trousers with my converses, it gives off a youthful and laid-back vibe - I sometimes feel leather can be too serious a look, especially for a Sunday. And then throwing on a smart, tailored coat to still look styled (even though I just rolled out of bed). I get so many compliments on that grey coat so it definitely seems it was a good investment. Both the leather trousers and a tailored coat are  basic must-haves for any winter wardrobe, I believe. Et voila, that's it for now. Short and sweet for Sunday as I still have a million errands to do today and it's already the afternoon. I thought Sundays are supposed to be relaxing! C'est la vie! xo



Zara Coat (similar)

GAP Jumper (similar)

Zara Leather Trousers (similar)


Celine Bag


*Titles from "Dream a Little Dream of Me" by Ella Fitzgerald