Hello, How Are You?

Carelle - Hello

"Hello, it's me" ... That Adele song kills me! Who else is obsessed atm? I actually have to stop listening to it so often as it hits me too hard. Like I was genuinely tearing up the first time I heard it. I know, it wasn't just me - c'mon, hands up who else gets emotional listening to Adele? How does she do that to people?! 

Anyway on a completely unrelated Hello topic, I introduce to this sparkling new product that landed on my door step a few weeks back. I haven't done a beauty post in a while but coming back at ya with a bang discussing oral hygiene. BOOM! Didn't see that one coming, did ya? But we've all heard that it's what's on the inside that counts and it's the truth because honey, if your breath stank, it doesn't matter how fine you look on the outside haha. I always like to keep a pack of gum with me to freshen up and am regularly popping a piece in after lunch, before seeing my boyfriend, etc... But sometimes I don't want to chew, especially when I have this weird habit of accidentally biting my cheek or tongue at the same time - ouch (maybe I'm a lazy chewer, I dunno). So the answer to my problems came in the form of a teeny little bottle that tastes like my favourite cocktail...MOJITO MINT MOUTHSPRAY! It's small so it fits everywhere, it's tasty so I enjoy spraying it and it's alcohol and dye free so it is gentle on my mouth. Win win win! 

Now, the negatives :( I don't like this part but hand on heart, I've promised to give my honest review on the products I receive so here goes. I didn't particularly like the mouthwash or the pink grapefruit mouthspray. But it is nothing other than personal preference of the taste. The spearmint flavour of the mouthwash wasn't my thing and I only like pink grapefruit covered in brown sugar, which the spray did not include obviously haha. But if that's your flavour then you'll love it. That being said, I really like the idea of creating a mouthwash that you don't have to spit out because it does not have bad chemicals in it that you shouldn't digest, so kudos on that front. I'll just have to keep to the mojito flavour. Y'know I'm all about that Latin life ;) xo

You can try out the Hello products for yourself at your local Boots stores or online. Clink the links below: