Why Must You Always Dress In Black

Hi there! Been a minute, right? I know the lead up to Christmas time is super busy for everyone but genuinely the last week has been killer for me. Work has been so hectic I haven't even had a moment to stop and even the weekends have been crazy too. I am just exhausted! And as a result have come down with a cold so wrapped up in bed all day. I've had zero energy, all I've been able to do is nap haha. Much needed! But I thought I should at least check in on here with a little post on what I've been looking like the last week. I think I've worn all black everyday lately but it's the best thing to throw on when you don't have time or energy to think about an outfit. You can clearly see in the photos I barely had time to brush my hair let alone style an outfit haha. Black is my go to cos it always looks good and chic. Plus you can make it interesting with different textures if you're feeling like mixing it up e.g. suede, denim, pile. 

Anyhoo, that's it for now. I'll have more tomorrow and rest of the week but for now I must retire and rest up. I'm still feeling tired but I haven't moved today. Ah, this cold is so draining! Cannot wait for my holiday away next week ;) Goodnight xo 



Zara Coat (similar)

Zara Turtleneck

Dr Denim Jeans

Zara Boots (similar)

Celine Bag


*Title by Ben Harper

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