Portrait Of An Urban Princess

Carelle - Self Portrait

Hi guys and merry Christmas! A bit late now but I was away in Dubai having some much needed downtime so I did not get a chance to properly send festive greetings on the blog. Regardless, I hope you all had a wonderful time whatever you were doing, ate and drank too much and Santa brought you all you wanted :D xxx

My Christmas was a blast and I can't wait to tell you and show you more about it but before I get unto that I wanted to share shots of this beautiful dress from Self-Portrait. It was all the rave in the summer and I remember seeing so many gorgeous girls rocking it so of course it sold out rather quickly. However, I managed to score one before Christmas and was planning to wear it out for Christmas lunch (my family get super dressed up on Christmas day, it's like our Oscars haha) but changed my mind last minute. However, it might make a cute little NYE dress, depending what I'm doing. I still haven't made my mind up on new year plans yet, have you? Much love and speak soon xo



Self Portrait Dress

The Kooples Leather Jacket

Zara Heels