2015: A Year In Review

Carelle - Dubai '15

It's the last day of 2015! How has yet another year whisked by? As we get older, time seems to go quicker and quicker. Or maybe it's just cos we are having so much fun right! :) And this year has been a blast, that's for sure. I've travelled to new places, met lots of new people and while I may not have accomplished all my resolutions from last year (no one ever does surely) I've continued to grow both personally and professionally. So let's do a little recap of the year for Carelle shall we? I love doing these posts cos I have the worst memory and it reminds me all the fantastic things that have happened over the last year. But to keep it short, I'm gonna try to pick out one best moment from each month, otherwise we'll be here way too long lol. 



Accessories Room/Carelle

I started the year relaxed and brown after a holiday to Dubai with my family for Christmas. Santa was super nice, gifting me several new gadgets for my blog (e.g. new camera and Macbook) so I felt ready to get back to work on Carelle. And to start the year off with a bang, one of my close friends launched her online accessories shop, Accessories Room, with a feature by yours truly. She even gifted me with the stunning collar you see above! What a babe.



Carelle - Matches Fashion (LFW)

The following month, I was working full swing on promoting Carelle (I had no excuse now with my all new fancy gadgets in tow) and it was paying off. As such, I got to collaborate with Pinghe, Liberty London and Feels London. I also got my first feature on OOTD Magazine and reached 1000 followers on Instagram. Happy days! Best of all was going to London Fashion Week, prancing around Somerset House and having lots of photos taken like I was a star. Surreal! The picture above was featured on Matches Fashion from LFW Day 2



Carelle - Remi

And the collaborations continued in March. Missguided sent me clothes, as did Wal G and I got jewellery from Avocada. How lucky I felt to be getting all these freebies. And then I got a promotion at work, becoming manager of a small team. That was such a big step for me, as I am the youngest person in my office and in my first job out of uni. Plus my pay check increased so I was super buzzed! Haha! But best of all, I met my wonderful boyfriend this month. At 2 am, in a dark club of central London, Rémi introduced himself to me and before you know it (and after one too many tequila shots later) we were singing A Whole New World together outside an after hours club haha. 



Carelle - Lord & Berry

April was a rather quieter month, whereby I was juggling a new position at work with much more responsibility and started dating someone seriously. I really found I had very little spare time and so the blog did not get much love. However, the hard work I had put in at the start of the year meant that I still was able to do one or two collaborations, like with Girls on Film and Pure Pr. Getting a whole bag of makeup goodies from Lord & Berry was a real highlight from this month. I got so excited trying them all out and I love the photos from the post I did. 



Same goes for May really, where I was starting to feel the pressure of juggling so many different roles. But I did an awesome shoot with a Feiminn andI loved the way the pictures turned out! I was initially nervous of taking pictures in a bra but they did such a great job of keeping me comfortable and the pictures classy so I was really happy. Check out how long my nails and hair was! Tempted to have them that long again :D



Carelle - 5 Pound Tee

Summer in London was slowly starting to make an appearance so I got the chance to style a freebie t-shirt from Five Pound Tee to create my favourite look for the year. Can you believe my teenage niece takes my photos?! She always does such a good job and is my favourite person to work with. She really wants to be a photographer when she's older and I am so proud of her and to be her first model :)



Carelle- Ibiza

London really was not hot enough so it was time to get away. Claire from ISWAS won a free trip to Mellorca and Ibiza with Me by Melia hotels and invited me along, a much needed break from the stress of managing at work. This was my first time to Balearic Islands and I fell in love...hard! The hotel, staff, food and atmosphere was fantastic! Such an amazing trip and free of charge! :O 



Carelle - Jodie

August is my birthday month and I turned 25 this year (though I still feel 17!!) Even better than my birthday, a close friend from university got married and I got to be a bridesmaid for the first time. The wedding was beautiful, the bride looked stunning and I was an emotional mess. The perfect wedding really haha. On a serious note, it was an honour to witness these two get married and a perfect way to end August before....



Carelle - Barcelona

... I jetted off to Barcelona with Rémi for a long weekend. My first proper holiday with a boyfriend so I of course was nervous but we got on brilliantly and had a fabulous time away together. We are both so busy with our jobs in London so it was really great to get a solid 4 days together, away from everything. They say holidays are make or break for any relationship and luckily this was definitely a make! Plus, Barcelona is a wicked city. I highly recommend it and cannot wait to go back again soon hopefully.

I also popped back home to Italy, where I'm from a small town in the north called Treviso. My nephew was getting christened so the perfect time to pay a visit and say hello to the family (it had been quite a long time since I'd seen them so was long overdue) and I got to pay my respects to my grandmother who passed away the previous month. It was great to go back and remind myself how important family is.


Carelle - Abuja 2015

Talking of family, I also went back home to Nigeria to see my mum, brothers, sister and nieces the following month. I really missed them, especially as I hadn't been back home for a year and not seen my mama since last Christmas. I really miss her when in London so it was the best thing going back and spending time with her as well as the rest of the family. Plus, I got to have proper Nigerian food which I was craving badly. It's the best! 



Carelle - Vitae Photography

At this point, the year was flying by! I could not believe we were approaching the end of 2015! But as winter started to settle in and the summer fun was over it was back to the business of blogging and more networking opportunities arose. I got invited to preview the new Ivy Cafe in Marylebone, which was such an honour and I started working with Vitae Photography. They take really cool portrait photos and this shot is my favourite from our first shoot together. The blog also got a much needed revamp. i so much prefer it, do you?



Carelle - Xmas Day

And then here we are in December. This has to be one of the best months in the year for sure. I just love Christmas and the build up to it. Present shopping, winter wonderland, festive drinks, holiday movies ... it really is the most wonderful time of the year. Everything at work rolled to an end and then I was lucky enough to go on another family holiday to Dubai (yay!) and bring my boyfriend along (double yay!). This was the first time meeting the family so it was a big deal and we were both nervous but everyone got on so well, it really made me so happy. Plus, I got to relax on a beach again and get a bit brown before the dark days in London kick in properly and I loose all colour and zest for life lol. Unfortunately, I lost another grandparent (my maternal grandfather - rip) last month so this was a great chance to get together and remind ourselves how important it is to enjoy family time. 

Wow, it's really been one heck of a year! Now I'm ready to reign in the new year and so excited to see what 2016 has in store. I'll be sharing some photos from Dubai over the weekend but now I need to start getting ready for NYE. I'm wishing you all a very happy new year and want to say a big thank you to all of you who have read, looked at or even just passed by my blog this year. Have a fantastic time tonight, whatever you're doing and I'm sending everyone so much love. See you in 2016! xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo