The Boy Is Mine

Carelle - Versace/Chanel

At first, I wasn't feeling the new "Boy" Chanel bags. Shock horror, right? But then they brought out the velvet edition and the love hit me hard! Like really hard. Like an arrow to the heart!! But where was little old me going to find one of these treasures when I have so many bills to pay? In the back of my mother's wardrobe of course!! Mama Carelle kindly let me borrow (aka never give back) her latest find and I've been jumping for joy ever since. Look how pretty! Seriously, LOOK HOW PRETTY! I'm in heaven right now :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

It adds a certain je ne sais pas to my outfit..or rather I do know what it adds, luxury!! And such a fancy bag needed another fancy friend to match. Thus my most prized possession got another spin around the town over the weekend: the fluffy jacket. This winter, I'm really getting into the fluffy fashion. I've just bought a feather bag, I want a grey feather jacket and shoes with pom poms is all I dream about. I think I'm coming down with a condition cos I've never been into such cute and girly things before. But when the days are as dark and gloomy as they are now, you've gotta find ways to entertain yourself and I've definitely needed to add a pop of texture or colour to my winter style. It may just be a passing phase but I love it! So what do you think? Yay to fluff or yuck too much? xo



Versace Jacket

Gap Jumper

Dr Denim Jeans

H&M Boots (similar)

Chanel Bag

Stüssy Hat (similar)


*Title from "The Boy is Mine" by Brandy & Monica