Wishlist: Semi - Festive Treats

Trying to wrap up the last of my Christmas shopping this week and whilst browsing online for my loved ones, I may have spotted the odd item (or 12) that I'm smitten with right now. Some things I've already purchased (whoops!) while others are still on my list (Santa take note!). I think I've said it before but I've become obsessed with fluffy and girly things lately, so my list consists of anything with fluff, pom poms, lace, pink, polka dots and delicates. And so my Wednesday wishlist was born. To be fair, I think these would make great gift for any girl. It may not be the most orthodox of Christmas gift idea lists but several of the pieces above would be perfect for a winter night out or a cosy one in if the mood suits ;) haha. All reasonably priced as well so you could make a lucky lady very happy without breaking the bank or ask Santa for them without scaring him away with the price. Click the links to get more information. Christmas sorted then, well at least for me :D . Dyu you have a favourite item out of the 12? xo