Wishlist: Sandro Gloves

I love seeing what you guys search for on my site as it gives me inspiration for new posts and lets me know what kind of things interests my readers that isn't already on my blog. Recent searches include makeup, fitness, braces (never worn them - dental or fashion lol), boots, leather, PVC (oh you kinky lot) and gloves! 

Now I will get round to posting something relating to these searches (...well maybe not the PVC, sorry haha) but for now I'm choosing to discuss gloves ...seeing as it can be easily done on my lunch break and it is actually a highly important topic as the weather has definitely turned chillier again ... boo! But it does mean that there is still time to invest in a decent pair of hand warmers (...otherwise known as gloves). The ones I live by, and you might have noticed them in some of my previous pictures, are a black, quilted, leather pair from Sandro. Unfortunately they don't have the exact ones I wear anymore as it is several seasons old now but I have suggested some similar ones above. There are very few things classier than quilted leather gloves and getting a good quality pair is worth every penny as they keep fingers nice and toasty and last the test of time, only looking better as they age. I'm actually really tempted by the burgundy coloured ones above...can I really justify getting another pair of quilted, leather gloves but in a different colour? I'll ponder this dilemma over my lunch. Γ€ bientΓ΄t! xo

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