Why Does It Always Rain On Me

Maybe that's a little dramatic...it doesn't always rain on me but it is frightfully annoying when you wanna do an outfit shoot and it rains! I felt a bit under pressure with the fact that I have been a bit slack at posting this week (sorry guys) so I thought I could do something cool with the rain and the umbrella but my brother (who I "employed" as my designated photographer today) wasn't vibing with the rain so we sacked it off in search of food in warmer and drier climes. We are both trying to eat healthier lately and we did good at lunch...though I definitely ate a truck load of food. At least it was healthy stuff lol! 

Other than that, I just went to pick my niece up from school and brought her home for half term and now gonna whip up some dinner (meh, should really be something healthy again but I really just want a pizza lol) and snuggle up with a movie...cray Friday night right? But it's too cold and wet to even dream of venturing out and I imagine I'll be asleep by 9pm hahaha...am I turning into a bit of a grandma? Have a good evening kids xo

*Title from "Why Does it Always Rain on me" by Travis

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