One More Stupid Love Song, I'll Be Sick

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I was originally gonna put up quite a hateful single gal kinda post about this "holiday" but I woke to the sun shining and birds singing and I wasn't so pissed anymore as I got hopeful that spring is coming!! Woo! So instead I decided to do a little playful post featuring my favourite red lipstick from Mac: Ruby Woo! More than the colour, I love the texture of's super matte, just how I like it! And being so matte means I can basically use it to line my lips instead of a lip liner and it pretty much stays on for hours. Doesn't even really come off when you kiss either so perfect for a day like today ;) ...won't even smudge when I spoon my boyfriend tonight.....out of a boyfriend is ice-cream! haha! 

Have a beautiful day everyone and don't forget to tell someone you love them...friends, family, lovers, hell even yourselves. Sending so much love out there to you all xo 

*Title from "Payphone" by Maroon 5