Beauty #2: Diane Pernet Scents

Carelle - Diane Pernet

Man have I got news for late night owls have stumbled upon a treat, I tell ya! 

Ok so 3 amazing things are happening right now! Number 1, this is my second proper beauty post hence Beauty has officially become a part of Carelle, which is super cool because when I started the blog, it predominately focused on fashion and now I'm starting to branch out...eek!!. Number 2, I am in the beginnings of an exciting relationship with Liberty London ... exciting for me because I'll have the chance to review some of their top-notch beauty products, free of charge (how ever did I swing that eh?). And Number 3, the grand finale ... as a result of 1 & 2, I have my first product to review and it's an exclusive!!! The highly anticipated Diane Pernet Perfume, a collection of four one-of-a-kind scents, exclusive to only Liberty London for 6 months has just launched today and I got the low down for you!! Say whaaaat??? 

Ok teeny bit of background. Raise your hand if you've heard of Diane Pernet before. Don't be shy, it's hard sometimes to keep up to date with the uber fashionable but Diane is someone you're gonna wanna keep in mind. As a Paris based, American born blogger, writer and filmmaker, Miss Pernet has been publicly involved in design and creativity since the 80s. I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but she looks like she knows a good perfume...only a true G can rock a veiled look, just saying!

Ok yada yada the gist? Good, let's move on to the good stuff! So there are four very intriguing scents to choose from: Shaded, In Pursuit of Magic, Wanted and To Be Honest

Carelle - Diane Pernet


A sophisticated and sexy aroma. I immediately picked up of the hints of wood, incense and something else I can't quite put my finger on but just adds to the mystery of this parfam! When I sprayed it the first time, I visualised a Fifty Shades of Grey scenario but Arabian style. I mean, it doesn't really get any sexier or more mysterious haha. You will feel like a Princess Jasmine wearing this scent...the adult version though ;) Definitely my favourite of the four!

In Pursuit of Magic

If I'm honest, I didn't initially warm to this scent. At first I thought it smelt like a grapefruit (I was eating grapefruit at the time so the results may have been biased haha). However, I found that I kept wanting to smell it repeatedly throughout the day and while zesty is not my particular preference in scents, I was continuously curious of and intrigued by the smell. Regardless of the citric fruitiness, this perfume is strong and powerful like it demands attention. I can't hate on it for that.


Est-ce que tu aimes le sexe? That's the first thing I thought of when I sprayed this one. The French influence was apparent to me right away because it smells like every French guy I've ever met! And honey, that's a good smell! There's a play between spice, nut and musk that just gives off a very clean yet confident and sensual aroma. Makes me weak at the knees, I gotta say. Second favourite scent. 

To Be Honest

Sweet, lovable but definitely not shy, this scent manages to achieve being both a delicate aroma with hints of richness. Each time I inhale it deeply, I can either smell cedar or a spice both of which never compete but only compliment and highlight each other. It's what I imagine falling in love smells like haha! 

Ok I may be starting to get a little woozy and rather than drunk in love, I'm drunk on a mixture of smells. Now it's probably just be the samples talking as I am beginning to feel a bit intoxicated but I think I'm a convert. I love my usual 2-3 perfumes I never stray from (see Beauty #1 post) but these are some special pieces. When I wear them I kinda feel like a much more exciting and daring women. Sexy and confident even! Who knew a smell could make you feel like that? I salute you Miss Pernet! Well done indeed. 

Interested in any of the smells? Does one of the descriptions particularly sound like you? They are   currently only available at Liberty London and if I were you I would move fast as I predict they will go like hot cakes!! Click any of the links below for a new experience. Enjoy xo