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Carelle - Trench

TGIF right? This week has felt long hasn't it...or do I say that every week? Lol. Anyway, even though it's the weekend, there's still no rest for the wicked. I've got a full day of meetings today all over London, so there's gonna be quite of running around and then tomorrow having a very posh breakfast and catch up with a friend, then to nosey round LFW then to pick up niece at the airport. Need to try and find some time on Sun to work on more posts for the blog..eek it's gonna be tight again! Nvm, it's all fun stuff so nothing to complain about there. 

This is outfit is great for the day I have today...a good mix of looking stylish yet still feeling comfortable, looking young and fresh but smart enough for meetings. I think the trench and hat are the items that particularly smarten it up and I always have loved a shirt and sweatshirt combo! It stops the whole trench and hat combination looking too Inspector Gadget. Speaking of inspectors, have you London night owls ever been to Evans & Peel in Earls Court? I went last weekend and gotta say it was a highly fascinating and intriguing experience. Without giving too much away, it's a bar that masquerades as a detective agency and to enter you have to have booked an appointment with the detective and describe your "case". I'd come up with something detailed as well because they give you a good grilling (persevere and the cocktails afterwards are delish). 

And on the topic on intriguing experiences, I finally went to see Fifty Shades last night. Wowee, that was a ride and a half. Better than I expected it to be which is always a good surprise...well to be fair, don't think I was paying much attention to anything other than Jamie Dornan. Best moment of the film was when a guy behind me casually said out-loud "does she ever wear a bra?" (referring to the lead actress who always seemed to get undressed very quickly due to apparent lack of underwear). Hahaha.

Anyway, this isn't a film review blog...need to get back to the outfit. But quickly, before I do, I wanna just comment on some of the ideas Ive seen floating round the internet about the film being violent or promoting rape. BDSM can be a tricky thing to wrap your head around if you don't understand it but with two consenting adults it can be fun and I imagine pleasurable. There are safe words involved to keep it kosher and hell, some people do enjoy fantasy with ropes, whips and who knows what else. It's not for us to judge as long as an adult female feels happy and safe. This actually nicely brings me back to my sweatshirt lol. Coolest thing I own, I gotta say! It's definitely been a conversation starter and debate opener, amazing what fashion can do eh? Right, I gotta bounce. Places to go, people to see, you know the drill. Toodles xo



Catarzi Fedora by Asos

Whistles Sweatshirt

Zara Denim Shirt

Dr. Denim Jeans (DIY rip in knee)

H&M Trenchcoat (similar here)

Kurt Geiger Ankle Boots (similar here)


*Title from "Let Me Talk To You Prelude" by Justin Timberlake