Pancake Day 2015

Who's feeling a little sick after Pancake Cake? I definitely ODed on them last too excited and went to town. Have a little pancake baby belly situation going on right now lol. But I do looove a good pancake though and I'm a bit of a pro at making and flipping them, if I say so myself. Not into all these thin lil pancakes either...those are crepes people! I need me a chunky and fluffy pancake, American style! I use the Nigella Lawson recipe though I add blueberries into the mix for a little sweeter and prettier presentation. And then you've gotta have the streaky bacon and maple syrup otherwise what's the point of it all lol? Whenever I mention this to people who have never tried the mix before they are always like "yuck" but you have not lived until you have tried this concoction my friend! I have converted many a bacon and pancake virgin in my time! Just do it and thank me later! P.S. Bananas and blueberries optional but I thought I should at least try and be a little healthy (I say while I drown everything in maple syrup). 

Now that Shrove Tuesday is done with, what have you guys planned to give up for Lent? I'm going veggie for a month. Well not full veggie, I don't think I could survive..more pescetarian...otherwise I had no chance! I'm not massively religious but I do like the idea of giving up a luxury once in a while and pushing our bodies a bit. So let's see how this goes, not easy for me cos I do love a good burger lol! xo

Carelle - Pancake Day