Instagram: Now The Sky's Our Point Of View

Carelle -Instagram
"The crazy thing we did was never give up" - Jay Z

Instagram update, I finally reached 1000 followers the other day!! Wow, weird to think that there that many people that are interested in my tidbits. Truly honoured and grateful to those who follow me cos I know I don't always put the best stuff on Insta..I tend to save it all for the blog and then put remnants of the blog on my Insta page. Anything else is just photos of food clearly (says a lot about me haha). But that's how I think it should really be, that Instagram is a secondary medium to my blog used to further promote the website but nowadays Instagram is becoming such a huge culture in its own right that people don't even necessarily need blogs anymore. Gosh, I only started blogging a year ago, is it already becoming obsolete? It's crazy to think the level of opportunities the Internet is able to provide us with now, both for a creative, personal and professional platform. Truly the sky is the limit (cheeeeese)! 

To be honest, I'm just enjoying the journey! Lately I've been really loving the process of blogging; posting more often about a mixture of things has really broadened up my own creativity and also encouraged my site to grow in readership! Now I'm branching out and collaborating with actual brands, which is just cray! It's nearly been a year of blogging and I genuinely didn't envision where I am today when I started or that I would even keep it up to be honest! 

And now I've posted over 100 "articles"! That has particular significance for me because in the summer I remember speaking to a close friend (who works within the marketing world) about my blog, how I sometimes felt insecure about it and was shy about promoting it. I was constantly thinking who actually gives a damn about what I have to say, especially as I don't have any credentials in fashion and sometimes I just spout absolute crap when I post. He gave me the best advice, basically encouraging me that by not giving up I'd already got further than like 80 percent of beginner bloggers because let's be honest, blogging does take up a lot of time and so it's not for everyone. Next he said that once I got to 100 posts I was basically a blogger because I had a lot of work to back it up. And here I am, 100 + posts later and yeh I kinda feel like a blogger. I mean not officially as it's not my job but I'm no longer shy to say I have a blog regardless of any qualifications. And hell, if people don't like my stuff (as yeh there's a mixture of good and bad on the blog) then you don't have to follow. Simples.

To those that do follow, I'm in awe of all your support, kind words, encouragement, tips, comments, likes, messages, positive vibes, everything! Coming up to a year of blogging and I'm super happy and proud of myself! Lots of hard work had gone into Carelle and I think that this is just the tip of the iceberg. I mean, look how far it's come already and I can only imagine what it will be like in another year. Whatever's in store, i'm just here enjoying the ride. I've got so much love for you all out there that I wish I could meet each and everyone of you and say thanks in person. That's why I sometimes try and go through all my followers on Instagram and share likes and comments back. Anyhoo, I swear this was supposed to be a short update post. I've begun to get gushy but it's kinda a milestone so I think I'm allowed ;) xo  

*Title from "As Long as You Love Me" by Justin Bieber