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Carelle - Edgy

My oh my that weekend went by quick! Plenty happened to keep me busy but all new amazing experiences and potential ventures so I'm super excited! Let's hope everything goes to plan...wish I could share more now but lips must remain sealed for a little longer. I got next to no sleep over the weekend but it's all part of being young right? This is the time to do as much as we can because there won't be as many chances as we get older. Of course, we must allow ourselves a break once in a while but as long as I'm having fun, I wanna keep pushing myself. Unfortunately being busy over weekend meant I wasn't able to blog as much as I wanted so I apologise for lack of new material but I have plenty to keep us all going this week.

As I can't quite go into too much about my weekend activities, I can tell you that this is mostly I how I looked over weekend. When in doubt go back to basics! There's nothing quite like a tshirt and black trousers to look so easy going yet stylish at the same time. I swear I literally wore different variations of this as I did not have the time to start putting together more intricate outfits. But I love this look, it's youthful, very chilled and very me. Plus I'm glad to share an outfit which is a little more edgy as I do feel a lot of my looks lately have been very pretty and sophisticated! So I went baller this weekend lol!!

How do you like my new Zara leather trousers! I was initially unsure about them as they sit a little baggy on me but after seeing them in these pictures I'm glad I kept them! They look wicked! And these pictures also prove how warm my Topshop coat is because it was so cold yesterday but I managed to simply wear a shirt under my coat and still feel snug! Best sale buy ever! Finally, let's talk the hat, good reflection of a Monday mood, no? After such a fun weekend, it's always hard to go back to the office and have to sit behind a desk. Oh well, we're having Pizzas for lunch on Weds at work so can look forward to that haha! Silver linings eh? Have a good one guys and stay tuned for more outfits this week. Besos x


Topshop Coat (similar here)

Topshop Tshirt

Zara Leggings

H&M Boots

Custom Made Hat


*Title from "Bad Girls" by M.I.A

Carelle - Edgy

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